Two US Army training centers in Germany select ATI Systems for Mass Notification Systems​


Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems) of East Boston, MA was awarded two contracts for the design and installation of state of the art wireless Giant Voice systems for U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels and U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr (Camp Vilseck), both located in Germany, to meet their emergency mass notification needs.

The Garrisons provide quality base operations and community support for all U.S. personnel in Grafenwoehr-Vilseck and Hohenfels. They directly support the 7th Army JMTC, Grafenwoehr Training Area, the Combat Maneuver Training Command, and many other tenant units. To support their missions and protect personnel, the garrisons evaluated different mass notification systems offerings and selected ATI Systems solution to protect its population of more than 25,000 of soldiers, family members and civilians.

ATI was selected based on providing superior voice and tonal clarity over a wide coverage area. These systems provide real-time, dynamic information to everyone on the property and in the immediate vicinity during emergencies. The mass notification systems deliver clear and intelligible tone and voice commands in mission critical situations.

The new system for USAG Hohenfels features 7 of ATI’s High Powered Speaker Stations (HPSS16) using XTL5000 radios and 2 sounding control stations with tone alert radios (TAR), local messaging, CD interface and At-Hoc interface. The central control stations are used for activating, controlling and monitoring the entire system. The system interfaces to their existing AtHoc system. The operator can quickly and easily send notification messages to the base network computers, and activate the ATI system from any computer on the Base Network.

Their existing AtHoc IWSAlerts delivers popup notifications to all networked computers as well as sending alerts to cell phones, landline phones and faxes. Alerts are initiated from any standard web browser and deliver targeted alerts to all Hohenfels personnel in minutes. The solution also features a feedback capability that allows confirmed acknowledgment of alerts and communication of recipient’s status. The AtHoc network-centric mass notification system is deployed onsite behind the Hohenfels’ NIPRNet firewall and run using Microsoft-based servers and databases.

The system for USAG Granfenwoehr/Camp Vilseck features 3 HPSS16 using XTL5000 radios, 1 GTR8000 repeater and 2 control stations. This project is a joint project with SAIC.

The control stations will be used to activate, test and monitor the alerting units. Through tone alerts, pre-recorded voice messages and live public address, everyone affected by an emergency are immediately notified and advised on the appropriate response actions. The key advantages of ATI Systems are the company’s proprietary acoustic modeling which ensures clear and precise sound audibility and voice intelligibility throughout the facility.

The central control stations are configured with ATI Systems’ proprietary MassAlert® software. The software’s advanced graphics and monitoring capability contribute to a simple, intuitive interface, which is easy to use even in the most stressful emergency situations. ATI’s advanced MassAlert software utilizes a graphical user interface for overall control and monitoring of the system.