How ATI Helps Communities

Outdoor/Indoor Warning Systems Are Crucial in Protecting Communities.

How ATI Helps You

When disaster strikes, people need immediate and actionable warnings when they are outdoors, indoors, or offsite:

  • ATI is a Weather Ready Nation member, and offers geographically-optimized solutions that work with existing alert systems to ensure everyone is reached: 
    • Weather forecasting and monitoring services predict potential natural threats.
    • ATI’s Warning Systems provide software-controlled audio/visual devices that can alert people within seconds of a severe weather incident.
    • ATI’s sirens can communicate urgency, broadcast immediately, and are independent of power grid or cell network availability.
    • ATI also supports integration with IPAWS and CAP notifications.

Tsunami Warnings

High-powered sirens are critical in protecting lives in coastal areas.

While weather services can detect tsunamis before they reach the beach, people are often swimming, or are not paying attention to radios/phones.

ATI’s integrated warning systems can instantly communicate the emergency and provide direction using outdoor warning sirens, giving people time to react, with digital alerting methods providing further detail.

tsunami warning systems save lives

Flood Warning Systems

People often ignore rain forecasts and flash flood text alerts, causing casualties following heavy rainstorms.

As flash floods increasingly threaten major cities, emergency managers need a quick and clear means to alert the public.

ATI uses NOAA weather service flood maps to design integrated, outdoor siren alert systems that interface with automated flood warning systems, such as AFWS and IFLOWS, to ensure that audio/visual alerts are issued immediately.

Tornado Warning Systems

Although weather services issue advanced tornado warnings, many locations either have poorly designed outdoor warning systems, or none at all.

For tornados, ATI’s directional speaker design provides maximum acoustic coverage and intelligibility, allowing Emergency Managers to quickly alert the population to seek shelter immediately.

tornado warning systems save
wildfire warning sirens

Forest Fire Warning Systems

Wildfires are increasingly common, can rapidly cause widespread destruction, and are completely unpredictable.

To counter erratic wildfires, ATI’s mobile warning systems allow Emergency Managers to transport towable or vehicle-mounted sirens, providing urgent alerts and instructions to people in affected areas.