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Industrial alarm systems’  technology is essential to maintaining a safe and productive work climate. ATI’s innovation in employee notification technology has given plant supervisors the means to easily and effectively manage daily plant operations.  

ATI’s Industrial Solutions range from indoor office ceiling speakers to fully integrated comprehensive plant-wide alerting by simultaneous telephone, email, internet, high-power speaker and other audio/visual notifications. Communication in high noise environments is often achieved using both audio, visual and other alerting mechanisms, though each environment often has a different set of notification demands that are addressed by our customized systems.

ATI works with emergency management personnel to design industrial alarm systems that provide the proper acoustical coverage and alerting capabilities. Our engineers and consultants can help to implement a new system or upgrade your existing system, and make recommendations for improving sound coverage and system reliability.

“Communication in high noise environments is often achieved using audio, visual and other alerting mechanisms.”

ATI’s systems provide compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Disabilities Act (ADA) and (NFPA 72)National Fire Alarm Code regulations and standards.’

Leading Emergency technology

Key Features

  • Voice – Superior voice intelligibility and clarity using directional speakers to provide critical instruction and message capability
  • Reliability – High-efficiency, conformal-coated electronics, with automated self-diagnostics to keep components ready to go
  • Redundancy – Designed with multiple redundant and backup mechanisms to ensure performance and operation
  • Scalability – Modular system design allows for complete flexibility in purchasing and long-term planning
  • Robustness – Fixed and mobile speakers, strobes, gates, signs, pagers, email, telephone and network alerting
  • Versatility – Control centers, push buttons, pull switches, remote controls and sensors provide quick and simple access
  • Ease of Ownership – Turn-key provider from installation to training, with easy-to-maintain setup and serviceability
  • Customization – Countless messaging, power, control and operational options for your specific needs
  • Flexibility – ATI Provides site specific power designs and the ability to power speaker stations on and off the grid. Stations can easily be powered by alternative power source such as solar

Wide Range

Indoors & Outdoors

Precise Audio levels

Forecasting for your site

Roof Mounting

Adapt to your exisiting site

Flexible Control Options

Easy to use and reliable

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