Campus Safety Alert Systems

Critical Audible and Digital Alerts

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Audible Warnings Are Primary

The need for a reliable and effective emergency alert system for higher education is self-evident with the rise in violent attacks across our nation’s colleges and universities. Administrators of campuses, large and small, need to proactively address the need for preparedness before the next event occurs.

The marketplace is full of companies offering solutions to meet this challenge. However, it is the philosophy at ATI Systems that audible notification is the only tried and true solution for a campus. ATI Systems has more than 25 years of experience in this field and has implemented reliable systems worldwide. The clarity and intelligibility of our systems set us apart in the industry and is why we are vital to campus safety. A siren producing intelligible voice commands to the entire campus is the fastest and most reliable method for campus officials to reach everyone in case of an emergency.

Text and Email are Secondary

ATI Systems recognizes that other solutions are available, such as emergency text messages, telephone alerts and email, and can seamlessly integrate with any existing notification system currently in use. While we encourage our customers to utilize these options as secondary methods of notification, we educate them on the downfalls of these modern capabilities as the primary mode of notification.

A siren producing intelligible voice commands to the entire campus is the fastest and most reliable method to reach everyone in case of an emergency.

 Phone calls are often ignored; cell phones are often off during class; guests to the campus may not be part of the messaging solution; power failures affect computers; service to cell phones may be lost or affected by such a high amount of traffic; a tremendous amount of time and effort is spent keeping telephone numbers and emails accurate; and the list goes on. None of these factors interferes with the operability of an audible siren.

Leading Emergency Technology

Key Features

  • Voice – Superior voice intelligibility and clarity using directional speakers to provide critical instruction and message capability
  • Reliability – High-efficiency, conformal-coated electronics, with automated self-diagnostics to keep components ready to go
  • Redundancy – Designed with multiple redundant and backup mechanisms to ensure performance and operation
  • Scalability – Modular system design allows for complete flexibility in purchasing and long-term planning
  • Robustness – Fixed and mobile speakers, strobes, gates, signs, pagers, email, telephone and network alerting
  • Versatility – Control centers, push buttons, pull switches, remote controls and sensors provide quick and simple access
  • Ease of Ownership – Turn-key provider from installation to training, with easy-to-maintain setup and serviceability
  • Customization – Countless messaging, power, control and operational options for your specific needs
  • Flexibility – ATI Provides site specific power designs and the ability to power speaker stations on and off the grid. Stations can easily be powered by alternative power source such as solar

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