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Comprehensive Emergency Notification Solutions from design to Maintenance

All Aspects Considered


ATI offers a complete system approach, from comprehensive design services to ensure proper component placement and selection, through long-term service and maintenance to ensure your investment lasts.

Years of Innovation


ATI Systems offers an extensive range of services in relation to the measurement and prediction of sound levels and the effectiveness of warning systems in various environments. We typically conduct analyses of existing emergency systems, evaluate background noise levels and factors influencing sound propagation, determine acoustic requirements for performance, and generate new designs for optimal acoustic coverage and intelligibility.

Proven Expertise


ATI offers a broad range of communication and control capabilities to customize each system to the needs of its clients. In the field of emergency warning and mass notification systems, the reliability of a system, in even the most adverse conditions, is utterly crucial. Our expertise in redundant system design, wireless communication, backup power systems, existing system integration, and diagnostic monitoring, help clients attain both the design and implementation of their choice.

Siren warning systems for longe range outdoor alerting
Mass Notification Public Safety Software

from Sketch to reality


ATI can provide all labor and materials for a complete turnkey installation of all components in a new system. This includes engineering, installation, system start-up, testing and training. ATI’s turnkey installation services also provide the following advantages:

Quality Service

Project oversight during all phases, from production and shipment, to startup and testing

Quality Workmanship

Supervised assembly, mounting and installation for compliance with ATI procedures, specifications and requirements

Quality Control

Wiring and assembly inspections provide assurance of proper installation before leaving the factory


Installation methodology and scheduling reduces on-site work time, and the potential for accidents and construction expenses

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ATI provides operator and maintenance training classes for authorized personnel. Classes provide in-depth instructions on system overview and operation theory, equipment placement and proper handling, system activation, configuration and operation, and maintenance.

Field testing and easy maintenance


ATI’s recommended maintenance schedule and service agreements keep systems in like-new condition. Our factory-trained and certified personnel conduct performance gap analyses based on the initial operating specifications of the system, and then make any adjustments to ensure all electronics are operating exactly as required. In addition, ATI’s technical staff is always available for support by phone, email, or emergency field service

ati systems designs mass notification systems to meet our clients acoustic notification needs. with expert area surveying sirens and intelligently placed using cutting edge Ai
ATI ensures that emergency siren systems are made to be relied on. With easy maintenance and fault resistant design rest assured.