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REACT5000 Mobile CCU

Complete MNS Control and Monitoring on the Go

ATI's next generation REACT5000M Mobile Central Control Unit (MCCU) provides portable control and monitoring of ATI remote units such as a High Powered Speaker Station (HPSS) or an Indoor Speaker Unit (ISU). It serves as a key component in the creation of a mobile, powerful, and flexible Mass Notification System (MNS).

An intuitive touch screen interface allows for the activation of tone alerts, recorded voice messages, or live PA, and displays the status of remote units. It may be used in conjunction with ATI's MassAlertâ„¢ software for complete control of complex multi- location MNS applications, but may also be used as a standalone controller for smaller systems.

The REACT5000M supports simultaneous IP and radio communication paths to provide the most robust notification system available in a mobile unit. Enhanced IP support provides improved connectivity and security. The REACT5000M's sturdy polypropylene case can tolerate the most harsh operating environments.


Key Features

* Additional hardware/firmware may be required.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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