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Transportable High Powered Speaker Station (THPSS)

Rapid Deployment of Outdoor Intelligible Voice System that is Portable And Transportable

Provides 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power for reliable alert tone notification and delivery of pre-recorded messages in emergency situations or for public address. The THPSS is designed for temporary usage including military installations, sporting events, large public gatherings, and construction sites, where a permanent mass notification system is not cost-effective.

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Key Features

  • Easy-to-assemble 30-foot mast system
  • Rugged, transportable amplifier case
  • 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power (from four 400W speakers)
  • Up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages with up to 100 hours of recording time
  • 30 minutes of continuous tone operation
  • 10 standard alert tones, plus live PA broadcast ability
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume
  • User-friendly LCD menu for local control
  • Local and remote control, monitoring and activation
  • Redundant communication paths available for larger MNS systems: IP/Ethernet and UHF/ VHF radio

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Download Spec Sheet