MassAlert ® Software

FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Program member


Uses only the most secure communications and encryption methods to ensure that public addresses are made regardless of
the situation at hand.


Send Alerts to the right people via intelligent activations planning. Users can send simulataneous activations to seperate locations, mobilizing areas with ease.

ease of use

ATI designs software to be accessible to all. Forget the lengthy tutorial and internal training. ATI's software presents an easy to use yet powerful interface.


Anytime-anywhere access via bespoke system configurations. Speak to our world renowned integration specialist to learn more about the worlds most advanced alert notification systems capabilities today.

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      MassAlert® is an advanced Industrial and public safety software program for the overall control and monitoring of ATI emergency notification hardware. It is a highly interoperable application that seamlessly integrates with distributed data collections, sensing devices, and existing emergency communication systems, to reach everyone in the shortest time utilizing a wide variety of notification channels including sirens, paging systems, social networks, emails, text, and phone calls.

      MassAlert ® supports high-reliability and fault-tolerant deployment scenarios, ensuring high-availability during man-made or natural disasters. It utilizes a highly scalable architecture that can support any notification system scale from large nation-wide mass notification system to an individual city or building. MassAlert® provides our clients with the capabilities to customize a specific robust solution that meets their needs.


  • Single point of activation for entire emergency Mass Notification System
  • Multiple easy to use, intuitive user interfaces: web application, desktop application and mobile application (support both android & iOS)
  • Up to 63 configurable emergency scenarios or preconfigured alerts
  • Configurable shortcuts for most frequently used scenarios/alerts
  • Interactive and real-time maps with live status information; multiple maps or multiple maps sub-views can be displayed on multiple physical screens**
  • Customized and personalized user experience**
  • Full reporting and system status monitoring
  • Severe weather alerting: automatically activates the system in case of weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service for designated areas
  • Text To Speech (TTS): instant mass notification audio alerts from text-based alerts
  • Event-driven automatic mass notifications; events can be generated by sensors, fire systems, panic buttons, and other applications/systems
  • Scheduled mass notifications; a built-in scheduler can be used to send non-emergency mass notifications on a time-based schedule that is user-configurable
  • Flexible integration and interoperability: sending and receiving notification messages to and from other existing applications/systems*
  • Automatic fail over handling: if the primary MassAlert® is down, one of the secondary MassAlert® will automatically take over all its responsibilities including sending event-driven and scheduled alerts
  • Role-based access control ensuring that only authorized users can access the system
  • Highly scalable and reliable solution
  • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Compliant*
  • IPAWS compliant*
  • Minimal training required