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Advanced Control and Monitoring

      MassAlert® is an advanced Industrial and public safety software program for the overall control and monitoring of ATI emergency notification hardware. It is a highly interoperable application that seamlessly integrates with distributed data collections, sensing devices, and existing emergency communication systems, to reach everyone in the shortest time utilizing a wide variety of notification channels including sirens, paging systems, social networks, emails, text, and phone calls.

      MassAlert ® supports high-reliability and fault-tolerant deployment scenarios, ensuring high-availability during man-made or natural disasters. It utilizes a highly scalable architecture that can support any notification system scale from large nation-wide mass notification system to an individual city or building. MassAlert® provides our clients with the capabilities to customize a specific robust solution that meets their needs.


  • Single point of activation for entire emergency Mass Notification System
  • Multiple easy to use, intuitive user interfaces: web application, desktop application and mobile application (support both android & iOS)
  • Up to 63 configurable emergency scenarios or preconfigured alerts
  • Configurable shortcuts for most frequently used scenarios/alerts
  • Interactive and real-time maps with live status information; multiple maps or multiple maps sub-views can be displayed on multiple physical screens**
  • Customized and personalized user experience**
  • Full reporting and system status monitoring
  • Severe weather alerting: automatically activates the system in case of weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service for designated areas
  • Text To Speech (TTS): instant mass notification audio alerts from text-based alerts
  • Event-driven automatic mass notifications; events can be generated by sensors, fire systems, panic buttons, and other applications/systems
  • Scheduled mass notifications; a built-in scheduler can be used to send non-emergency mass notifications on a time-based schedule that is user-configurable
  • Flexible integration and interoperability: sending and receiving notification messages to and from other existing applications/systems*
  • Automatic fail over handling: if the primary MassAlert® is down, one of the secondary MassAlert® will automatically take over all its responsibilities including sending event-driven and scheduled alerts
  • Role-based access control ensuring that only authorized users can access the system
  • Highly scalable and reliable solution
  • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) Compliant*
  • IPAWS compliant*
  • Minimal training required