MassAlert ® Mobile App

Activate and Monitor Your Mass Notification System from your Mobile Device

Innovating Safety

Instant alerting through ATI's Mass notification platform

        The ATI MassAlert ® Mobile Application allows emergency personnel to instantly access, activate and monitor the Mass Notification System (MNS) from their smartphone or tablet.

        The mobile application is an integrated component of the MassAlert® Software, allowing authorized users to activate the system from anywhere without the need to go to the MassAlert® Control Station.

        As an administrator, you will be able to notify thousands of people within seconds, from your smartphone, keeping those people safe and informed of critical events with a single tap!


  • Only authorized and authenticated users can access ATI’s MassAlert® Mobile Application
  • Remotely activate preset or user customized alerts with a single tap
  • Monitor the current system status in real-time
  • Available for both Android and iOS