Next Generation High Powered Speaker Station

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Next Generation High Powered Speaker Station

The Next Generation High Powered Speaker Station (HPSS) brings faster and more powerful processors, and additional interfaces, to the rugged outdoor electronic sirens that ATI Systems has been providing for large outdoor warning systems for over a quarter-century. This includes enhanced security and encryption, while minimizing the number of components, and increasing equipment longevity. The next generation product line combines ATI Systems’ field-proven features with several important enhancements delivering the most advanced solution on the market to date. For more information about this upgrade, see ATI Systems’ Next Generation Product Line

The High Powered Speaker Station (HPSS) provides exceptional voice clarity for outdoor mass notification applications where intelligibility of pre-recorded voice messages and live Public Address (PA) is critical. It is also capable of driving strobe lights and LED message signs for visual alerting in areas with high ambient noise levels. The HPSS is monitored, controlled, and activated by an ATI central control unit, REACT5000, or can operate as a standalone using the Local Operating Console (LOC) option.* It comes in two configurations, with either 1600 or 3200 watts of acoustic power. In the event of AC power loss, the batteries provide a full week of standby time followed by at least 30 minutes of continuous activation. In addition, ATI offers flexible on and off the grid power options. These units are recommended for use when intelligibility is the highest priority. 


  • Cutting edge computing power and enhanced security with a 32 -bit ARM CPU
  • SSL/TLS security standards: including AES, RSA, 3DES, ARC4, SHA1, SHA2, MD2, MD4 and MD5
  • TTS (Text-to-Speech) capabilities
  • Up to eight 400W speaker horns and steel speaker mounting bracket included, for roof or pole-mount installation
  • Configurable audio coverage patterns ranging from 360° omnidirectional to unidirectional
  • NEMA 4X Stainless steel enclosure with ventilated battery compartment, door intrusion switch, and enclosure mounting bracket
  • Unique, compact and highly efficient Class D amplifiers with 1600/3200 watts of continuous audio output power integrated on a high-performance controller board
  • Conformal-coated printed circuit boards for operating in harsh environments
  • UL464 listed option available upon request*
  • Message encryption and security coding to prevent unauthorized system activations
  • Local/remote testing and reporting including “silent” testing
  • Temperature-compensated battery charger and power On/Off circuit breakers
  • Very low standby power requirements and 60 minutes of continuous activation on fully charged batteries
  • Reliable, flexible, and redundant communication methods: UHF/ VHF RF, IP, Ethernet-over-Fiber, Telephone/ Twisted – DSL, Cellular, and Satellite
  • Built-in tone generator providing 10 standard, pre-configured tones; up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages and 100 hours of recording time
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume



The Intelligent Control Gateway (ICG) Advantage

• More simultaneous connection options
• On-chip data encryptions with improved security
• LCD controller
• Uses less board space
• Lower power requirements
• Supports a modern firmware base with
the latest networking protocols
• Improved monitoring of remote units
• Improved configurability
• IPv6 support
• Powerful networking and communication ports such as Ethernet, USB, CANbus, multiple RS232s and RS485
• More digital wireless and analog radio or phone interfaces
• Includes basic IO such as relays for signaling and control, digital inputs for triggering events and onboard audio amplifier with flexible audio mixing
• Supports compass VGA display (with touch screen) allows a clearer, more flexible user interface for local control of individual units