3200 watt High Powered Speaker Station

Maximum Outdoor Intelligibility and Acoustic Coverage

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3200 watt high powered speaker station maximizing outdoor acoustic coverage

Unrivaled Outdoor Warning Siren Technology

Our most powerful siren, the HPSS32, provides maximum coverage and excellent voice clarity for outdoor mass notification applications, where intelligibility of pre-recorded voice messages and live Public Address (PA) is important. The HPSS32 supplies 3200 watts of continuous audio output and is battery powered for reliable outdoor alerting even when AC power is lost, as is often the case during an emergency.

The 3200 Watt is best used for locations that need maximum alerting capabilities with the minimum number of siren installations.


  • Excellent acoustic performance and voice intelligibility
  • Up to eight 400W speaker horns and steel speaker mounting bracket included, for roof or pole-mount installation
  • Configurable audio coverage patterns ranging from 360° omnidirectional to unidirectional
  • NEMA 4X Stainless steel enclosure with ventilated battery compartment, door intrusion switch, and enclosure mounting bracket
  • Unique, compact and highly efficient Class D amplifiers with 1600/3200 watts of continuous audio output power integrated on a high-performance controller board
  • Conformal-coated printed circuit boards for operating in harsh environments
  • UL464 listed option available upon request*
  • Message encryption and security coding to prevent unauthorized system activations
  • Local/remote testing and reporting including “silent” testing
  • Temperature-compensated battery charger and power On/Off circuit breakers
  • Very low standby power requirements and 60 minutes of continuous activation
  • Flexible and redundant communication methods including IP, twisted pair/telephone cable, fiber optic, cellular and satellite*
  • Built-in tone generator providing 10 standard, pre-configured tones; up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages and 100 hours of recording time
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume