MHPSS | Mobile High Powered Speaker Station

Rapidly Deployable Outdoor Siren Trailer ​

1600 watt siren trailer

Keep People Informed Anywhere

Interested in making audible alerts with the world’s most powerful outdoor alert system in under 15 minutes?

Look no further. The Mobile High Powered Siren Station is an ergonomic mobile siren trailer that allows Emergency Managers to deploy a reliable system in minutes.

Its sturdy, minimalistic, and efficient design allows for emergency staff to make anywhere an idea location for either live Public Announcements, Pre-recorded alerts or siren tone. It is the go to solution for military field bases, interim facilities, event hosts, and endless other applications.

When it comes to crowd control, events and general community communications the MHPSS allows for users to setup and make alerts in moments notice. the MHPSS can also be modified to meet your specific site needs by our expert engineering staff.

The Mobile High Powered Speaker Station is the market leading powered outdoor public address siren. Mounted on a sturdy steel trailer for easy transport. Provide 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power (3200 watt configuration available as well) for reliable alert tone notification and delivery of pre-recorded messages in emergency situations or for public address. Designed for temporary usage including military installations, sporting events, large public gatherings or construction sites where a permanent mass notification system is not cost-effective. Our mobile solution offers easy to use yet effective design to allow emergency managers the ability to setup on the fly, without compromising on quality.  

Being able to easily tow the trailer anywhere allows for emergency communications to be flexible and easily used

Rely on a system that can be deployed in moments notice


Mobile voice messaging and tone alerts made easy


  • Exceptional acoustic performance and intelligibility
  • Message encryption and security coding prevents unauthorized system activations
  • 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power
  • Up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages with up to 100 hours of recording time
  • 60 minutes of continuous tone operation*
  • 3 days of standby time without AC power*
  • 10 standard alert tones plus live PA broadcast ability
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume
  • Remote control, monitoring, and activation
  • Redundant communication paths available for larger MNS systems: IP (Ethernet), radio (UHF/VHF), fiber, twisted pair/phone-line, satellite, and cellular*
  • Solar panel, Wind turbine and various on and off the grid powering solutions


  • Wildfires
  • Military bases 
  • Coastal safety/Shark Warning
  • Flood zones 
  • Ports
  • Colleges 
  • Crowd control 
  • Events 
  • Boardwalks