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Mobile High Powered Speaker Station (MHPSS)

Rapidly Deployable Mass Notification Systems

A high powered outdoor PA speaker mounted on a sturdy steel trailer for easy transport. Provides 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power for reliable alert tone notification and delivery of pre-recorded messages in emergency situations or for public address. Designed for temporary usage including military installations, sporting events, large public gatherings or construction sites where a permanent mass notification system is not cost-effective.

Mobile Siren Station

Key Features

  • Exceptional acoustic performance and intelligibility
  • Message encryption and security coding prevents unauthorized system activations
  • 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power
  • Up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages with up to 100 hours of recording time
  • 60 minutes of continuous tone operation*
  • 3 days of standby time without AC power*
  • 10 standard alert tones plus live PA broadcast ability
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume
  • Remote control, monitoring, and activation
  • Redundant communication paths available for larger MNS systems: IP (Ethernet), radio (UHF/VHF), fiber, twisted pair/phone-line, satellite, and cellular*
  • Solar panel*

* Additional hardware/firmware may be required.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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