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Local Operating Console

Localized Activation and Monitoring

The ATI LOC is used to locally control, monitor, and activate an attached remote terminal unit such as a HPSS, ISU, or PA unit. A simple menu system includes the capabilities to view status feedback and diagnostics, initiate pre-recorded voice messages, and make live public address (PA) announcements using the attached microphone.


Key Features

  • Easy to read 4 lines by 20 character LCD display
  • IP65 pushbutton membrane buttons
  • Handheld microphone to perform live PA announcements
  • Directly powered from the remote terminal unit
  • Communication to remote terminal units via RS485 interface
  • FM Approved to ANSI/UL 864, 9th Edition as an accessory to ATI's UNI - ISU
  • Can be mounted inside or outside the remote terminal unit
  • Conduit may be connected via one - 3.5mm cable gland from the right, left, or rear of the LOC
  • Intelligent device active monitoring via RTU

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Download Spec Sheet