Remote Terminal Unit

Simple Integration to Existing MNS Components and Peripherals

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Innovating Emergency Alert Systems (EAS)

ATI’s versatile Remote Terminal Unit networks a wide variety of 3rd party input and output devices with an ATI central control unit, such as the REACT5000. Input from devices such as wired or wireless push buttons, sensors, and fire panels can be configured to trigger system activations. The RTU output signals can control a plethora of devices such as traffic light controllers, strobe lights, gate control units, radio repeaters, and digital message signs. In addition, the RTU can supply line-level audio to provide audible alerts or live voice to external PA systems or radios. RTUs are suitable for indoor use with our standard enclosure, or outdoor use with our NEMA-4/ ER enclosure upgrade.*
RTUs can support multiple simultaneous communication
paths to ATI control units to provide the most robust, reliable notification system available. In addition, our RTUs include battery backup systems as AC power is often lost during an emergency.* ATI offers a solar panel option to charge the batteries where AC is not available or practical.


  • Supports 60 minutes of continuous activation*Cutting edge computing power and enhanced security
  • 32 -bit ARM CPU
  • SSL/TLS security standards: including AES, RSA, 3DES, ARC4, SHA1, SHA2, MD2, MD4 and MD5
  • Text to speach capabilities
  • Built-in tone generator providing 10 standard, pre-configured tones; up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages and 100 hours of recording time
  • Up to eight 10 Amp/250 VAC relay outputs and up to eight optically isolated inputs*
  • Four configurable analog data inputs*
  • Configurable balanced/unbalanced line-level audio output*
  • Wired pushbutton option supervises up to 10 directly wired buttons (expandable in groups of 10)*
  • Wireless pushbutton option supervises up to 16 wireless buttons using 900 MHz spread spectrum technology*
  • Local and remote testing and reporting with silent test option
  • low standby power requirements
  • Message encryption and security coding prevent unauthorized system activations
  • Conformal-coated printed circuit boards for operating in harsh environments
  • Temperature-compensated battery charger