Next Generation Indoor Speaker Unit

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Next Generation Indoor Speaker Unit

The Next Generation Indoor Speaker Unit (ISU) brings faster and more powerful processors, and additional interfaces, to the reliable and flexible indoor units that ATI Systems has been providing for indoor alert and public address systems for over a quarter-century. This includes enhanced security and encryption, while minimizing the number of components, and increasing equipment longevity. The next generation product line combines ATI Systems’ field-proven features with several important enhancements delivering the most advanced solution on the market to date. For more information about this upgrade, see ATI Systems’ Next Generation Product Line

ATI’s Indoor Speaker Unit (ISU) delivers reliable alert tone notification, pre-recorded messages and public address for emergency situations indoors. It is equipped with 400 Watts of audio output power, with the optional upgrade to 800 Watts. The ISU is capable of driving multiple zones of audible and visual alerts such as speakers and strobes. The unit is monitored, controlled, and activated by an ATI central control unit, such as the REACT5000, or can operate as a standalone using the Local Operating Console (LOC) option.*

ISUs can support multiple simultaneous communication paths to ATI control units to provide the most robust, reliable notification system available. In addition, the ISU includes battery backup systems as AC power is often lost during an emergency.* Integration with external Public Address (PA), Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), and/or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are made simple using our flexible, configurable interface.


  • Excellent acoustic performance and voice intelligibility
  • Cutting edge computing power and enhanced security with a 32 -bit ARM CPU
  • SSL/TLS security standards: including AES, RSA, 3DES, ARC4, SHA1, SHA2, MD2, MD4 and MD5
  • Text to speech capabilities
  • 400W amplifier (800W optional upgrade) to drive 25/70 – volt speakers
  • Conformal-coated printed circuit boards for operating in harsh environments
  • Message encryption and security coding to prevent unauthorized system activations
  • Local/remote testing and reporting including “silent” testing
  • Temperature-compensated battery charger and power On/Off circuit breakers
  • Very low standby power requirements and 60 minutes of continuous activation
  • Flexible and redundant communication methods including IP, UHF/ VHF RF, twisted pair/telephone cable, fiber optic, cellular and satellite*
  • Built-in tone generator providing 10 standard, pre-configured tones; up to 255 pre-recorded voice messages and 100 hours of recording time
  • Automatic gain control for consistent output volume



The Intelligent Control Gateway (ICG) Advantage

• Uses less board space
• Lower power requirements
• Enables connected advanced applications for Mass Notification Systems
• Supports a modern firmware base with the latest in UP stacks and networking protocols
• Improved monitoring of remote units
• Improved configurability
• IPv6 support
• Powerful networking and communication ports such as Ethernet, USB, CANbus, multiple RS232s and RS485
• More digital wireless and analog radio or phone interfaces
• Includes basic IO such as relays for signaling and control, digital inputs for triggering events and onboard audio amplifier with flexible audio mixing and control
• Supports compass VGA display (with touch screen) allows a clearer, more flexible user interface for local control of individual units
• System can be monitored and controlled using MassAlert© software