REACT 5000 Central Control Unit

Complete MNS Control and Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Enhanced Control and Monitoring Power

ATI’s next-generation REACT5000 Central Control Unit provides enhanced control and monitoring of ATI remote units such as the ISU and the HPSS. It serves as a key component in the creation of a powerful and flexible Mass Notification System (MNS).

An intuitive touch screen interface allows for the activation of tone alerts, pre-recorded voice messages, or live PA, and displays the status of remote units. It may be used in conjunction with ATI’s MassAlert® software for complete control of complex multilocation Mass Notification System applications, but may also be used as a standalone controller for smaller systems.

REACT 5000 FInal 1

Enhanced Control and Monitoring Power


  • Easy to be configured through its hosted WEB interface with support for secured http (https) 
  • 7” VGA touch screen with powerful GUI allows user to control and monitor system 
  • Multiple form factors available: all in one CCU or smaller desktop CCU with remote mounting of radio 
  • Built-in speaker and desktop microphone 
  • Simple interfacing to other systems via USB (host/device), RS232, RS485, and CANbus 
  • Additional ports for flexible low-level interfacing: line-level audio input/output, relay connections, optoisolated inputs, and monitored push-button inputs 
  • Upgraded security and authentication 
  • IP (Ethernet), radio (UHF/VHF), fiber, twisted pair/phone-line, satellite, and cellular options 
  • available for convenient, redundant communication paths to remote units* 
  • Backup power options: 7AH UPS or battery 
  • Supports up to 45 Watt UHF/VHF mobile radios from various manufacturers including trunked radios*