Military Mass Notification Systems

Giant Voice Alerting Systems

ATI’s Mass Notification Systems (MNS) also commonly referred to as Giant Voice (GV), are critical for alerting and notifying all base personnel of threats and the immediate actions required to mitigate loss of property and life. UFC 4-021-01 requires MNS for providing real-time information to personnel located on military installations.

ATI Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer of wireless Mass Notification Systems for military applications. ATI’s DoD-approved MNS is the most effective and efficient real-time means to notify base personnel of threats and the appropriate response to those threats.


ATI’s integrated and stand-alone Giant Voice Mass Notification Systems (MNS) provide DoD installations with the ability to rapidly communicate both outside and inside of buildings on a base or facility.

With the push of one button, the ATI MNS delivers clear and intelligible voice commands for actionable instructions across various platforms, including: Outdoor and Indoor Voice and Tone, Public Address, Mobile Giant Voice Speaker Trailers, Telephone Alerting and Network Alerting Systems. All components activate simultaneously, saving valuable manpower and time when you need to alert quickly and urgently.

Command Post operators utilize the Giant Voice to initiate real-time notifications of threats to all system components via encrypted wireless communications. These notifications are then broadcast throughout the outdoor area of the base by GV, via ATI’s Indoor MNS for building occupants, and via telephone, SMS/text, email, desktop popup, and Web/RSS through ATI’s Network Alerting capabilities for personnel on and off base.

Operators are often required to implement multiple system activations while under duress; therefore, ATI’s “one button approach” to indoor, outdoor and network alerting allows ease of operation to initiate quick and accurate threat notifications.

The system’s broadcast capabilities include but are not limited to attack alerts, watches, warnings, severe weather alerts, evacuation routes and other alerting information. All broadcasts meet DOD and federal warning requirements.


ATI has a complete family of products that deliver a turnkey system solution for outdoors, indoors base notification. We have decades of experience working with DoD and military customers to provide best-in-class military alerting systems. Our alerting systems provide a total turnkey solution for military installations.




ATI’s Giant Voice (GV) outdoor component is the High-Powered Speaker Station (HPSS), which can be mounted on poles or structures. HPSS speakers can also be mounted on a trailer for easy deployment to areas of the base requiring temporary alerting capabilities. The HPSS provides alert tones, live voice broadcast, and pre-recorded audio messages including exercises, drills, taps, reveille, the national anthem, etc.

In order to create the appropriate level of sound output and maintain voice intelligibility, multiple poles and speaker stations or trailers are positioned in specific locations throughout the base. The speaker heads are designed to allow 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree coverage, and can be tilted downward to control sound propagation.


ATI provides full indoor alerting coverage for all buildings on base. Our indoor voice systems interface with existing or new construction PA systems and/or fire alarm control panels to provide superior indoor alerting.