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Mobile High Powered Speaker Station

Rapidly Deployable Mass Notification Systems

ATI's Mobile High Powered Speaker Station (MHPSS) provides 1600 Watts of continuous audio output power for reliable alert tone notification and delivery of pre-recorded messages in emergency situations or for public address. The MHPSS is designed for temporary usage including military installations, sporting events, large public gatherings, and construction sites, where a permanent mass notification system is not cost effective.

The MHPSS includes a sturdy, non-corrosive trailer with a NEMA-4/3R stainless steel enclosure cabinet, standard type bolt-on drawbar eye for vehicle transportation, front and rear leveling jacks to stabilize the trailer on unlevel ground, a class D amplifier with high performance controller board, a temperature compensated battery charger, 22 foot telescoping mast with four 400 Watt speakers and a hand crank for speaker positioning. Two 12VDC 100AH batteries, UHF/VHF radio, local operating console (LOC), external power generator, and REACT5000M mobile central control unit are sold separately.

Mobile Siren StationPortable Siren Station

Key Features

* Additional hardware/firmware may be required.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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