ATI Systems Is Proud to Offer P25 Radio Communication to its Mass Notification Systems

Securely Communicate With Both Analog and Digital Compliant Radios

When communicating during an emergency, it is necessary to maintain reliable communication lines that are safe and secure. ATI Systems is proud to offer P25 based radio systems for its emergency communication solutions. P25 compliance allows for easy to use and secure digital two-way transmissions in place of standard UHF analogue radio systems. The option to communicate via P25 radio allows users to easily eliminate the costs of maintaining legacy systems and to rest assured that their systems will be able to communicate with the large family of third-party Project 25 or APCO-25 compliant radios and older analog units as well. In the past it was a struggle to maintain interoperability with electronics manufacturers, P 25 compliance bridges the gap between manufacturers and ensure seamless communication programming.

The challenge is born of communications equipment manufacturers using varying approaches to implement systems, leaving their products incompatible,” said Sridhar Kowdley, Program Manager of the Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate. “To date, first responders still rely on land mobile radio systems as their network of choice for mission critical voice needs.”

P25 and its European counterpart, TETRA, mark a huge advancement in two-way communications by allowing for easy encryption methods, such as AES. The new protocol allows for the systems to also communicate with analogue radios as well,  ensuring that emergency response can disseminate messages clearly and succinctly with all members of their team with ease. The flexibility of P25 radios systems is a perfect complement to ATI’s Emergency warning systems’ infrastructure. Reach out to a specialist today to see how your organization can utilize the technology today.

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