City of Los Angeles Purchased Six High Powered Outdoor Mobile Speaker Trailers from ATI Systems


The City of Los Angeles (LA) Emergency Management Department (EMD) recently purchased six high powered outdoor mobile speaker trailers from ATI Systems, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts. These mobile speaker trailers will be incorporated into outdoor emergency alerting by the LA City EMD to broadcast instant warnings to residents and visitors in emergencies. The purchase was funded by a U.S. Department of Homeland Security grant.

Carol Parks, General Manager of the City of LA Emergency Management, says, “These mobile speakers are an important part of providing emergency alerting for the City of Los Angeles.” Jennifer Lazo, Innovation and Development Division Chief of City of LA Emergency Management Department, calls these mobile speaker trailers “another tool in the toolkit of City of LA Emergency Management.”

City of LA Emergency Management has the complex task of keeping the city safe in all kinds of circumstances, including natural disasters or human-caused emergencies.

These speakers are designed to be deployed quickly to respond to a rapidly developing emergency event like a wildfire raging towards a populated area. The messages can be recorded in multiple languages.

Mobile Speaker Trailers Are ATI’s Most Easily Deployable Units

  • Hook the trailer up to any city vehicle. Tow the speaker to the desired location, position trailer, and send messages immediately. To broadcast an alert, simply select prerecorded alert from menu. It only takes a few seconds. The tone gets your attention. The voice answers three questions: What is happening? Where do I go? What do I do?

City of LA Use Cases for ATI Mobile Speaker Trailers

The City of LA will be employing mobile speaker trailers for planned events such as World Cup Soccer, the Olympic Games and the LA Marathon. The ATI mobile speaker trailers will provide event information and announcements.

The ATI mobile system is fully interfaced with Federal emergency alert systems such as IPAWS and the National Weather Service, as well as Everbridge Digital/SMS/Text alerting system. ATI’s Mobile Speaker Trailers are an important component of the City of LA’s Emergency Management Department’s Instant Warning System for City of Los Angeles residents.