Camp Shorabak in Afghanistan Selects ATI for State-Of-The-Art Outdoor Mass Notification Giant Voice System


Acoustic Technology Inc. (ATI Systems), the world leader in Mass Notification Systems, has deployed an advanced outdoor Mass Notification System (MNS), or Giant Voice System, at Camp Shorabak in Afghanistan. Camp Shorabak is part of the immense Camp Bastion military base situated in the Helmand Province Afghanistan, and is a home to the Afghan National Army (ANA). Camp Shorabak has served as a location for US Marine instructors to provide intense mentoring and training to the Afghan National Army.

Camp Shorabak required an outdoor mass notification system that could be used to communicate effectively with personnel for any situation, one that would deliver clear and intelligible voice communication throughout the facility. For security purposes, it needed to be able to operate without using an RF (radio based) communication scheme, and have ability to activate and/or deliver live PA locally at each equipment location.

To satisfy these needs, ATI provided a Control Station running MassAlert® software and two High Powered-Speaker Stations (HPSS16), aka Giant Voice Towers. For effective communication with personnel, the system was equipped with several emergency messages recorded in both English and Dari, in addition to its live public address capability. Communication between the control station and the Giant Voice Towers was accomplished using an independent fiber-optic network. For activation capability and live PA functions to be available locally at each HPSS, ATI provided microphones and an activation panel with LCD display within each Giant Voice Tower equipment enclosure.