ATI Systems to Install Digital Outdoor Warning System for Sedgwick County KS

Acoustic Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce Sedgwick County, KS has awarded the company the contract for the installation of their Digital Outdoor Warning Siren System Upgrade.

ATI worked closely with the Sedgwick County Emergency Management team to modernize their existing systems and enhance the flexibility and control of the overall warning operations.  ATI was presented the challenge of integrating their sirens to several existing sirens and control stations.  Through ATI’s design, each non-ATI siren was outfitted with a remote terminal unit that added a two way communication aspect to these sirens plus it created a way to monitor the status and feedback from all of these sirens.  ATI was able to easily interface with these various components and provide a complete and effective warning system for the people of Sedgwick County.

The new upgrade is all radio controlled which is the most secure and reliable communication method for mass notification.  The new system utilizes ATI’s high powered outdoor speaker stations (3200 watts).  ATI’s advanced MassAlert software utilizes a graphical user interface for overall control and monitoring of the system.  The Fast Alert feature allows easy and quick access to any of the alerting options.  The system is capable of delivering several forms of messaging for weather alerts.

ATI’s solution also provides Sedgwick County with the ability to add voice capability in the future if desired.  Following the system upgrade, the outdoor warning sirens will operate in a “selective warning” manner, which is different from the county-wide method previously used.  Outdoor sirens will sound only within and near areas experiencing a direct threat; so, residents who hear outdoor sirens should take shelter immediately, and then seek more information from media sources.

The upgrade phase was started on December 19th and is scheduled to be completed within 60 days.