ATI Systems Releases Flexible Multiple Communication Options

BOSTON, MA – June 14, 2010

ATI Systems, the industry-leading mass notification provider, announces that its indoor and outdoor notification units are now available with enhanced communication interfaces, including Ethernet/IP connectivity. The ATI system components will support multiple communication paths in parallel, such as wired IP and VHF radio, which can each control the system. This provides customers with a wider range of communication options, as well as the maximum in system robustness and reliability.

In environments such as college campuses or office parks, the Ethernet/IP can be connected directly to a wired LAN. The Ethernet port can also be connected to a wide variety of modems/converters for WiFi, fiber-optic links, mesh radios, and microwave. ATI can provide several types of modems, if desired. However, some customers may already have deployed a particular solution in their area. In many cases, the customer’s preferred modem can be incorporated into the ATI units so long as it has an Ethernet port and meets power and environmental requirements. (Extra engineering may be required.)

Other communication options include:
•   ATI’s standard UHF/VHF radio utilizing an FSK modem for control.
•   An improved interface for a telephone line or twisted pair, which is particularly useful for customers wishing to control a system from a telephone.
•   An RS232 port for connection to a variety of low-to-medium speed digital devices.

These enhanced communication options give ATI many ways to architect the best, most reliable system for customers.