ATI Systems Releases EWNS.Net


ATI Systems, the industry-leading mass notification provider, recently released its new Emergency Warning and Notification Software—EWNS.Net. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, EWNS.Net provides the most advanced, reliable, and secured Mass Notification System (MNS). With its unparalleled user-friendly graphical interface, the software enables system operators to instantly alert and inform the public of what to do before, during, and after an emergency or disaster.

EWNS.Net features multiple site-map views with field unit locations identified by color-coded icons, making it easy to monitor the status or activate each individual unit. The software also provides integration to Google® Maps to meet the demand for geographic Mass Notification.

Combining traditional alerting channels, the power of IP-based technology, and flexible integration with other MNS providers, EWNS.Net can notify the maximum number of individuals via multiple means in the shortest time frame possible. The software enables ATI and its partners to disseminate alerts and emergency instructions across the network in the form of intrusive audiovisual messages to desktop computers, RSS feeds, emails, and mobile devices such as cellphones, pagers, BlackBerry® smartphones, and personal digital assistants. Alerts are also triggered to traditional alerting channels such as sirens, telephones, and public address systems.

EWNS.Net features authenticated, secured remote access over a LAN or the Internet, allowing for remote monitoring and control of the entire system. The provided user profiles and privileges allow for secure operation and configuration of the system.

EWNS.Net Web Access is a secured web interface that can access the EWNS.Net Server. Acting as a client of the server, it provides most of the functionality available through the EWNS.Net Desktop client. EWNS.Net Web Access also allows for regional control capability, enabling public safety officials to view the MNS status, trigger pre-recorded messages through an off-site Internet connection or from anywhere, and communicate simultaneously to multiple sites.

Developed as a comprehensive Emergency Warning and Mass Notification solution, EWNS.Net includes flexible and customizable reporting and notification capabilities. It also allows for database connectivity and convenient running of queries on stored information, where the results can be displayed in various formats or exported to a file.

Designed to be a highly scalable and flexible solution, EWNS.Net supports multiple simultaneous users, is highly adaptable to multiple industries and scenarios, and serves both emergency and routine use.