ATI Systems Provides a New Flash-Flood Warning System that Combines both Mass Notification and Flood Monitoring


Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), the world leader in Mass Notification Systems, has deployed an integrated Mass Notification System as part of a new flash-flood warning system for the Petra Archaeological Park area in Jordan. ATI Systems, in conjunction with Solutions Communications and Security Systems (SOLCOM) of Amman Jordan, is implementing this new flash-flood warning system, as part of a project funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA) needed a reliable flash-flood warning system and Mass Notification System to alert people in the event of a flash-flood. A popular tourist destination, the Petra Archaeological Park area sees over half a million visitors a year. According to Petra National Trust, 27 tourists were trapped by flash floods in the Deir area of Petra in 2010.

The state-of-the-art flood monitoring system, designed and built by HydroLynx Systems, Inc. of West Sacramento, CA, consists of eight rain gauge stations and two water-level stations with ultrasonic water-level sensors. The system also includes two mirrored web-based Novastar 5 database servers – one in Petra and one in Amman – that link over the internet.

The rain gauge stations and ultrasonic water-level stations continuously report precipitation data and water level status to the weather data receiver. The Novastar 5 software analyzes rainfall patterns and the presence of runoff in key locations and triggers a flood warning.

Based on the risk level of the flood warning condition, an alert can be activated notifying the area of a potential flash-flood situation using ATI’s Mass Notification System. ATI’s Mass Notification System is an advanced audible and visual alerting system, composed of two siren controllers – one in Petra and one in Amman – that link over the internet, two outdoor fully electronic warning sirens with flashing beacons, and a large 7’4” LED message sign.

All of the remotely located sirens, message signs, rain gauge stations and water level stations communicate wirelessly with the control systems using VHF radio from solar-powered and battery-backed embedded controllers.

The addition of ATI’s Mass Notification System, in conjunction with HydroLynx Systems’ flash-flood warning system, will minimize the devastating impact of flash floods in the area. Implementing this flash-flood warning system will greatly reduce the occurrence of tourists becoming trapped or swept away by sudden flood waters. A diagram of the system is at