Intelligible Voice MNS Leader, ATI Systems, Launches New Enhanced MNS Product Line Utilizing the Field Proven Intelligent Control Gateway


Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), a world leader in providing Mass Notification Systems (MNS) and Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) with superior intelligible voice is proud to announce the integration of the Intelligent Control Gateway (ICG) into all ATI products. The ICG provides new features and capabilities which enhance the entire ATI product line of voice notification systems.

In our full integration of all the ATI products, the ICG replaces the existing Advanced Communication Board (ACB) to provide more processing power, additional interfaces, and enhanced protocol support. It easily integrates into ATI’s proven High Power Speaker Station (HPSS)Indoor Speaker Unit (ISU) and other ATI Systems interface units, such as the fire alarm and PA interface Remote Terminal Units (RTU).

One of the key features of the ICG is an ultrafast CPU with increased memory. It includes the support for IPv6 and the enhanced security over IP by integrating SSL/TLS security standards including 256 AES, RSA, 3DES, ARC4, SHA1, SHA2, MD2, MD4 and MD5. Another key feature is added network and communication ports including Ethernet, USB, CANbus, RS232, RS485, analog radio and telephone line.

Extremely reliable remote diagnostics are available with the ICG including support for SNMP traps and a secure web-based interface using the HTTPS protocol to make configuration changes and diagnostic. The ICG minimizes the electrical load for longer run times during power outages.

The ICG firmware is developed to comply with MISRA C:2012 which is one of the most trusted coding standards to ensure that the running code is safe, reliable, error-free and has no vulnerabilities that can lead to devastating consequences for the safety and security of our system.

“Our team of engineers and developers have done an outstanding job in the last three years to integrate the ICG in all our product lines to provide our clients with state-of-the-art security and processing capability, based in our extensive field experience. These technological advances in superior solutions by ATI will provide our end-user with the most reliable emergency warning systems that exist today,” added Ray Bassiouni, CEO of ATI Systems.

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