ATI Systems Introduces its Next-Generation Mass Notification System, Powered by the New REACT 5000


Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), the world leader in Mass Notification Systems (MNS) and intelligible voice systems, announces the release of the REACT 5000, powering its next-generation Mass Notification System “MNS”. The new design of the REACT 5000 is based on ATI’s success with the REACT series, starting with REACT 1000 more than 20 years ago. The REACT 5000 can provide multiple, redundant communication paths to sirens and other alerting units in the field, supporting highly robust system control.

Available as either a desktop or rack mount system, the REACT 5000 control unit includes an improved front panel with a 7” LCD touch screen for a clear, intuitive interface for controlling basic system functions and unit configuration. The control unit can be configured to trigger a wide range of alerting functions at the touch of a button. In an emergency, simplicity of control functions and clarity of system status matters.

The REACT 5000 is capable of providing rich reports that are useful in tracking system activities, as well as in troubleshooting. If connected to a printer the REACT5000 can print the reports for you.

The REACT 5000, when integrated with ATI’s MassAlert software, provides a complete scalable, reliable and secure control and monitor solution that is suitable for advanced/large scale Mass Notification Systems. The REACT 5000 together with the MassAlert provides a fully redundant solution in case the computer went offline.

The REACT 5000 control unit can be purchased with multiple, redundant communication paths, including Radio Frequency “RF”, Ethernet, cellular, fiber, satellite and various other IP options. ATI’s recently released Intelligent Control Gateway (ICG) provides enhanced communication options for improved connectivity over both traditional and network-based paths. Important messages (such as alarm activations) are sent over all available paths simultaneously and receiving units filter out duplicate messages. This provides the highest probability that critical messages will get through under adverse conditions.

“When combined with ATI’s flexible, secure IP connectivity options, you get the best of both worlds: the power and speed of network access along with the added reliability of a non-IP backup channel. An internal backup battery helps ensure that the system continues to operate even if local AC power is interrupted,” noted Dr. Ray Bassiouni, President and CEO of ATI Systems.

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