ATI Systems GVS Integration with Alertus

February 20, 2013

Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), the world’s leading provider of intelligible and long-range voice systems, recently integrated with Alertus IP network-based Mass Notification Solutions.

“ATI Giant Voice Systems (GVS) are capable of providing highly intelligible, lifesaving instructions and directions to a facility or the public,” remarked Dr. Ray Bassiouni, President and CEO of ATI Systems. “When every second counts, the powerful customized text-to-speech voice broadcasts initiated by Alertus technology ensure that emergency communications are heard and understood over large areas, even inside a facility such as a military base or college.”

ATI has provided thousands of systems for various applications, including military bases, colleges, and industrial facilities. The utilization of Alertus technology will enhance the emergency communication systems for ATI clients.

Alertus offers wall-mounted Alert Beacons, digital signage, text-to-speech (TTS) interface modules, and computer desktop alerts that seamlessly integrate not only with ATI High-Powered Speaker Stations (HPSS), but also with ATI Indoor Speaker Units (ISU). The unique compact embedded hardware TTS interface module from Alertus is capable of broadcasting on the fly customized messages as audible announcements through indoor speakers or GVS speakers with crystal clear intelligibility.

Alertus TTS enables emergency managers to originate notifications from any computer web browser and disseminate them through indoor speakers or ATI GVS speakers. Voice announcements can also be supplemented by Alertus Alert Beacons with flashing lights and an integrated sounder designed to visually alert building occupants, drawing them to notification messages displayed on the integrated LCD screen.

The Alertus system also has the capacity to broadcast alerts through outdoor GVS, digital and LED signage, IP-based phones, desktop computers, and cable television systems. The combined system provides quick and easy activation of all notification modalities, both from ATI and Alertus, with a coordinated consistent message.