ATI Systems announces release of its Multiple Stacked Circular Speaker Arrays


Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), a world leader in providing Mass Notification Systems (MNS), Emergency Communication Systems (ECS), and Military Giant Voice Systems with superior intelligible voice, is proud to announce the introduction of its high-powered, omnidirectional Multiple Stacked Circular Speaker Arrays.

Developed to eliminate the disadvantages of similar commercially available modular units, ATI’s new design (United States Patent No. 10,110,993) features circular speakers that enhance performance, manufacturability, and serviceability, as well as a directional horn that provides optimal performance and a more aesthetically pleasing configuration that appeals to many cities.

“The introduction of ATI circular speakers is a game changer when it comes to helping cities that prefer appealing looks of multiple-cell type speaker stations. ATI reduces the size of the unit by increasing the power of each cell to 800 watts,” said Ray Bassiouni, CEO of ATI Systems.

Our new design advantages include:

  • A high-powered omnidirectional electronic speaker array has a variable number of circular chambers vertically arranged on a rigid mast; each chamber contains manifolds serving as waveguides for sound energy emanating from audio compression drivers.
  • Each manifold combines the output of two or more compression drivers into a single source and maintains a smoothly and exponentially increasing cross-sectional area for the full length of the waveguide to an output port located close to the center of the module.
  • The curved external surfaces of the upper and lower sections of adjacent modules continue the exponentially increasing cross-sectional area to create a horn-shaped final output mouth for the sound energy.
  • The separation between vertically adjacent exiting surfaces of multiple modules is minimized for the purpose of improving intelligibility, maximum acoustic range, and lower distortion.

About ATI Systems

Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems) is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of reliable emergency warning and notification systems for the campus, community, industrial, and military markets.

ATI has been developing innovative wireless systems that provide intelligible voice and visual warnings. Our systems are based on simple and compact hardware design, user-friendly software, and the latest communication methods, including Radio Frequency, IP, and Satellite Technology.

ATI Systems’ Mass Notification Systems easily integrate with other warning systems, such as IPAWS and National Weather Service, as well as with digital alert systems to provide more complete alerting solutions. ATI is an ISO 9001 certified company.

For more information about ATI, call 617-567-4969 or visit

Figure 1. Chamber containing manifolds that serve as waveguides for the sound energy emanating from the 8 easily accessible audio compression drivers.

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Figure 2. Aesthetically pleasing dish design for 3200-watt speaker array. Space between the dishes acts as further waveguides sound energy.

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