ATI launches innovative, low-cost Tsunami Siren System for Puerto Rico​

August 5, 2013

Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), the world’s leading provider of intelligible and long-range voice systems, announced today the successful implementation and testing of the first cost-effective Tsunami Siren System for a large portion of the Puerto Rico shoreline. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico implemented this system through a Homeland Security grant.

Due to the limitations of the available grant and Puerto Rico’s long coastline, sirens are needed to cover a much larger range than what is normally required. The ATI proprietary high-powered electronic siren units were developed in response to this requirement. This developed siren developed has two high-intensity directional sound beams, each 1600 Watts, positioned at 180 degrees and aimed directly parallel to the shoreline. The unit is capable of covering up to four times the regular number of siren units by redistributing the acoustic energy where it is needed.

The tsunami warning is issued when a potential tsunami with significant inundation potential is expected. The system tests proved great efficiency at a substantially lower cost. Each new siren provides almost four miles of tone coverage along the coastline and adequate coverage for both the water and land sides. In 2013, the actual LANTEX Tsunami exercise clearly indicated that the sirens worked perfectly. “We are pleased to provide a low-cost Tsunami system at an affordable price for poor communities or those with a limited budget,” remarked Tarek Bassiouni, director of business development at ATI Systems.

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