ATI Integrates Motorola P25 and TETRA Platforms into ATI MNS Products


ATI Systems (Acoustic Technology, Inc.), the world’s leading provider of intelligible and long-range voice systems, successfully tested the use of the Motorola Astro 25 (P25) Trunk System for the ATI Mass Notification System (MNS) and Emergency Communication at the Motorola Solution Schaumburg Lab.

The Motorola Astro 25 (P25) Trunk System provides a highly robust and secure platform for integrated voice and data communication. It is used nationwide in the United States for emergency communication, and is widely used on military bases for mission-critical communication. The system uses a combination of secure wireless and IP communication. Mobile users are able to communicate integrated voice and data with base stations using encrypted secure communication.

ATI has developed an interface that allows the ATI MNS units to communicate using Motorola mobile radios on the P25 network. Each ATI MNS unit utilizes a mobile radio to send and receive voice and data over the P25 platform.

This interface consists of firmware modules that allow the ATI MNS units to communicate with their mobile P25 radios using RS-232.

The P25 system by design does not allow radio-to-radio data communication. ATI developed a special software application that allows the system units (field units and control stations) to communicate using wireless radios. The software application communicates with the P25 over IP; it is used to receive and re-transmit all wireless messages from the mobile radios, allowing for indirect communication between mobile radios. The interface was successfully tested at the Motorola Lab, and ATI engineers were able to demonstrate the ability to use the P25 for all ATI MNS communication requirements.

The Motorola TETRA platform is used for the same purpose in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. ATI seamlessly integrated the MNS at the HMEL large refinery in Bathinda, India, where the MTM TETRA radios and the TETRA communication system were used for the ATI system data and voice communication. The system consists of two control stations and 110 MNS field units.