Why Choose ATI?

Expertise – Direct from Manufacturer - Flexibility


Our expertise in acoustic design allows us effectively position our system components in the field. ATI offers a variety of acoustic design services such as prediction of background noise levels, the influence of structures and topography on sound propagation, as well as full analysis of existing emergency systems. ATI Systems delivers mass notification systems with superior acoustic coverage and intelligibility.

Direct From Manufacturer

We manufacture our own products in our Boston, Massachusetts, USA headquarters and can customize each system with a broad range of communication and control capabilities. Our expertise in redundant system design, wireless communication, backup power systems, existing system integration and diagnostic monitoring produces a reliable, field-tested final product.


We recognize that in an emergency, multiple methods of notification can save lives. We can seamlessly integrate with other existing notification systems, including emergency text messages, telephone alerts, email and desktop alerts.


For over 40 years, ATI Systems has been known for its reliability and quality assurance, its industry-leading voice intelligibility and message storage ability, and its competitive pricing. Notable clients include North Carolina State University, Washington State University, the World Trade Center, the City of San Francisco, the Chevron Products Refinery, Indian Point Energy Center, Eglin Air Force Base and Groton Naval Base.


ATI’s system architecture is built with the future in mind. Our system hardware and software is modular in design and can be expanded or modified by the end user to accommodate additional equipment into the system.